You can pay the next service period for rent in any convenient way: monthly, advance payment; cash, credit card in our offices or bank transfer. Furthermore, the following methods are also available:

Via the instant payment terminals Elecsnet

.jpgThe group of companies “Elecsnet” has about 3 500 terminals in 39 regions all over Russia. Most of the terminals are 24 hour functional; all operations are made on behalf of Non-banking Credit Organization OAO “MOSCLIRINGCENTR” which has the license of the Central Bank # 3314-K from 13.03.2012. The abovementioned provides our Clients safety as it totally excludes the probability of payments’ loss and impossibility of its refund. Please note: there would be no extra commission charged for the payment. The addresses of the terminals can be found here:

Electronic wallet "Elecsnet"

You can pay directly from the website using the form below.

Direct Debit

Once you have signed the applications in our office, you won’t have to come to RED BOX office to pay for your rent; it automatically transfers from your bank card and you won’t worry about your bills.