Obviously, the easiest way to "sweep away" all doubts - is to demonstrate all possibilities of the certified high-tech security system installed in our storage facilities: 24-h guarded area, round the clock video surveillance system, personal code (PIN) access to the repository, motion sensors in each box, mechanical lock, with the key available only to the tenant.

renessasnBut as they say, additional confidence is never too much. That's why we decided to choose a reliable partner in the matter of insurance. "Renaissance" Group of companies, as our partner, undertakes all insurance matters for our customers.

Individual insurance allows our customers to insure their property with LLC "Renaissance Insurance Group" (www.renins.com) for any insurance amount starting from 100 thousand rubles, up to 3 million rubles. - for individuals and up to 9,000,000 rubles. - for legal entities. The process of insurance, payment, clearance of all documents is done directly at the office of RED BOX CO. The insurance premium is calculated at a very favorable rate - 0.3% and is payable directly to LLC "Renaissance Insurance Group". Thus, a client wishing to insure, suppose for 100 000 rubles, pays a monthly premium of 300 rubles. Insurance is not subject to VAT.

This insurance includes the following risk cases: fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft crash, hail storms, other natural disasters: flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, avalanche, further - water damage from the water supply, heating, sanitation, theft with trespassing, robbery, illegal actions of third parties. Upon the occurrence of these accidents, "Renaissance" will promptly settle and reimburse the loss.

Attached you will find the insurance policy and the application for property insurance for individuals and legal entities, as well as the notes to the client regarding all insurance cases. Any additional questions can be directed to storage administrators at the office.

pdf_icon.pngInsurance Policy (example) for a legal entity

pdf_icon.pngInsurance Policy (example) for an individual

pdf_icon.pngInstruction for clients

pdf_icon.pngInsurance application (example) for a legal entity

pdf_icon.pngInsurance application (example) for an individual